Beginner: In-Season Workout Plan (Preview)

Who is this for?

  • Any athlete who is just starting out with strength training
  • Athletes below age 13
  • Athletes with limited access to free weights

Training Volume

  • 3 days per week
  • Two Strength/Power days per week
  • One Hip/Torso/Shoulder days per week

Plan Duration

  • 4-6 Weeks
  • Weeks 1-2 = Introductory Phase: Includes static work to help athletes learn proper positions.
  • Weeks 3-6 = Progressive Phase: Many exercises become dynamic and more challenging.
  • **Athletes who have previously completed an Introductory Phase may skip to the Progressive Phase.**
  • 30-45 minutes per day once familiar with plan

Equipment Needed

  • Loop or Ankle Resistance Band – Ultra-light to Light
  • Medicine Ball – 1-5 lb
  • Bench or Padded Platform for Support
  • Optional: Dumbbells (Can be substituted with cans of soup) – 0-2 lbs
  • Optional: Kettlebell (Can be substituted with Dumbbell) – 5-25 lbs

Course Includes