7 Elements Foundations Hitting Plan (Preview)

Who is this plan for?

  • Designed for players of ANY AGE wanting to retool or rebuild their swing from the ground up.
  • Highly recommended as a starting point for ALL PLAYERS AGE 11 & YOUNGER, or any hitter who is just starting out.

Plan Description:

By beginning with the very basics, the 7 Elements Foundations Hitting Plan is specifically designed to help the hitter find their own, natural swing. The first training phase begins by  building a solid foundation at the ground. From there, the plan progresses in difficulty with each phase. The hitter and coach are provided with benchmarks that must be accomplished within each training phase before they can advance to next phase. The final phase of training in the plan is customized to each hitter based on their personal needs. 

Training Volume:

  • 2-3 hitting sessions per week
  • 1-2 at home dry drill sessions per week
  • The more often you can hit, the better though! So if you prefer to train more days, go for it!

Course Includes

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