What is Hitting Made Simple?

Hitting Made Simple is a complete, all-in-one hitting training platform for baseball and softball hitters of all ages and skill levels, that has been carefully constructed with the athlete and parent or coach in mind.

The program was built from philosophies, drills, and ideas that have been crafted and refined over more than a decade’s worth of training teams, organizations, and individual athletes of all ages and skill levels.

The Hitting Made Simple training platform is centered around the seven most important aspects of hitting, which we have named the 7 Elements of Hitting. At Hitting Made Simple, we believe each hitting element plays a vital role in a hitter’s development.


The 7 Elements of Hitting


The game plan that a hitter takes into each at-bat, as well as what they are attempting to do during batting practice.


The body movements the hitter is making while they are swinging the bat.


The hitter’s ability to consistently get their bat to meet the pitch at its ideal point of contact.


The hitter’s ability to make adjustments mid-swing or late in their swing sequence to create a positive result.


The hitter’s ability to pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, and identify early clues as to the pitch’s location, speed, and movement.

Mental Game

The hitter’s ability to deal with, and influence, their own thoughts and emotions.

Physical Game

The hitter’s physical potential, based on their overall strength, mobility, stability, and explosiveness.

All of our hitting plans and progressions feature drills from each of these 7 Elements of Hitting.

What is included with a Hitting Made Simple membership?

With Hitting Made Simple, you are in control of your development process. We provide you with several different types of content so that you can find the information you need, delivered the way you need it when you need it. 

HMS features: 

Hitting Drill Videos: Instant access to 90+ hitting drills. Videos feature examples of real hitting students of all ages and show both examples of good and bad reps of the drill so you will know what to look for.

Dry Drill Videos: Instant access to 20+ movement drills. These exercises are used as a warmup or preparation before you swing and can also be done at home on days that you cannot get to a batting cage. These exercises are great for helping you fix swing issues and master swing movements that are difficult to perform consistently.

Drill Finder: The drills you need are just one click away with our drill finder. Quickly and easily find the drills you are looking for based on your needs. Some examples of filters within our drill finder include timing drills, balance drills, plate discipline drills, bat path drills, power drills, vision drills & more!

Hitting Element Courses: Both the hitter and the coach or parent have access to courses on Mechanics, Approach, Timing, Adjustability, Vision, & Mental Game. Each course features videos, text, journal questions, note taking, and ends with a course quiz. Notes and progress are stored as long as you are an HMS member. Our journal style questions are designed to help hitters get to know their own strengths and weaknesses better than ever. The hitter and their parent/coach can get on the same page, improve their communication & quicken the development process with our courses.

Coaching Crash Course: A quick course designed to arm the coach/parent with the tools they need to better serve their hitter’s development needs. 

Common Swing Issues: Shows the most common mechanical issues with hitters of all ages, gives visual examples of both correct and incorrect movement, teaches you how to identify them, and features a hitting progression specifically designed to fix each one.

7 Elements Youth Hitting Plan: This plan touches on all elements of hitting and is designed for hitters age 10 and below. Simple drills that are mostly hands off. Broken up into 5 training phases, and designed to help the hitter and parent find the drills and exercises that work best for them.

7 Elements Off-Season Hitting Plan: This plan touches on all elements of hitting and is designed for hitters age 11 and up. Broken up into 4 training phases, and progresses in difficulty toward the start of the season so the hitter is ready to come out of the gate swinging! 

7 Elements In-Season Hitting Plan: Tthis plan touches on all elements of hitting and is designed for hitters age 11 and up. Designed to help the hitter stay locked in all season long. Also allows the hitter to choose specific drills based on their recent game performances.

Physical Element Exercise Videos & Workout Plans: Instant access to two beginner workout plans and two advanced workout plans. Designed and led by professionally certified strength & conditioning coaches, each plan features videos of all exercises and gives you the ability to track your weights, reps and progress. 

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