7 Elements Hitting Plans

Each of the Hitting Made Simple Hitting Plans feature work in all 7 Elements of Hitting. These plans are displayed in course format, so that you can take notes and track your progress as you work through them.  

  • Recommended for players of ALL AGES wanting to rebuild their swing from the ground up.
  • Also highly recommended as a starting point for players AGE 11 & BELOW.
  • Contains 5 training phases.
  • Recommended for players AGE 12 & UP who are currently in their non-playing months.
  • Contains 4 training blocks.
  • Blocks 1 & 2 are designed to help you build a fundamentally sound swing.
  • Blocks 3 & 4  become more game-like and are designed to prepare you to be ready to compete in the batter’s box when the season begins.
  • Hitting Routines and At-Home Dry Drill Routines included.
  • Recommended for players of ALL AGES who are presently playing competitive games.
  • Choose your focus and drills based on your recent game results.
  • Game-Day and Non-Game Day routines included.