Hitting Made Simple is a training hub designed for the parent or coach who wants a simpler, more effective method of teaching and developing hitters. Spending the last decade on the ground floor alongside baseball and softball hitters, I’ve learned a ton. Over that time, I was fortunate to be able to work with thousands of amateur hitters at every level, from tee ball to college. The most important lesson that I’ve learned is that what hitters at every level want is consistency. When they receive consistency from their coaches and consistency in their training process, the result is consistency in their performance. That is exactly what Hitting Made Simple offers you, a clear and consistent solution to your hitting training.

Today we have unlimited information right at our fingertips. While the information age has undoubtedly improved our everyday lives, it has also presented big challenges for parents and coaches of hitters. “Information overload” and “paralysis by analysis” are becoming common problems for hitters of all ages. The consensus in sports psychology is that in order for an athlete to be confident and ultimately successful, they need to have trust and faith in their process. Bouncing to and from the latest social media hitting fads, or making swing changes based on a variety of YouTube videos does not offer a consistent process for the athlete to put their trust in. Hitting Made Simple is the place that you can come day in and day out for guidance, step-by-step plans and better communication between you and your hitters for years to come.

In Hitting Made Simple you won’t find any gimmicks or promises of “magic bullets.” What you will find is tried and true, time-tested methods for developing hitters of all ages. When putting the program together, I drew partly from my own development process, which I began as a youth hitter. The consistency in my process starting at a young age helped me dominate at the high school, division-1 college, and independent professional levels. But even more so, I drew from my experiences over the last decade helping thousands of hitters personally, and my never-ending study of the art of hitting. I’ve filled Hitting Made Simple with everything you will need to dominate at your current level, and progress to the next. Within the program you will find loads of purpose-driven, well explained drills. You’ll find video training modules on grip, stance, mechanics and much more. You’ll learn how to have a hitting approach like a pro. You’ll find tips and training on how to dominate the often under-trained mental game of hitting. You’ll get workouts that improve mobility, strength and rotational power. You’ll find hitting plans designed specifically for your needs…and that’s just the beginning!

– Ryan Basham

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