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What does it mean to be ON TIME?

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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If you’re on time with a pitch, it simply means that your bat is making contact with the ball in the ideal position in relation to your body. This is called your contact point. Knowing your ideal points of contact for pitches in different locations is important for being able to time up the ball and drive it.

Assuming that your front foot lands somewhere near the front of home plate after your stride, you can use home plate as a good frame of reference for where you’re making contact with the ball.

As illustrated above, the ideal contact point for an inside pitch is several inches out in front of the plate. Moving across the strike zone, toward the outside corner, the ideal point of contact will begin to move farther back. By the time you get to the outside corner, that ideal contact point is a couple inches behind the front edge of the plate.

***Keep in mind, these ideal contact points shown are approximate. Factors like your size, swing mechanics, and where you set up in the batter’s box may make your ideal points slightly different.***