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Testing your rhythm’s impact on your vision

Jeff Higgens November 25, 2020
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The best way to determine if your rhythm may be impacting your vision is to alternate between standing still while watching a pitch come in, and taking a swing at the following pitch.

Hit/Take Drill 

  • For testing your rhythm’s impact on your vision, this drill would best be done with a live pitcher of a similar skill level to what you’ll be seeing in the game.  
  • If that’s not possible, the drill could also be done with a coach throwing batting practice or a pitching machine.
  • During the drill, stand completely still on the “take” pitches.
  • Notice if there is a big difference in how well you see the pitches you swing at versus the pitches you stand still for.
  • If you feel like the “swing” pitches look much faster or are harder to see than the “take” pitches, your rhythm is likely impacting your vision skills.