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Randomized Training

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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Vocabulary Term: Randomized Training 

Varying the skills and tasks throughout the practice session, by using drills and exercises that avoid having the athlete attempt to accomplish the same task over and over.

Examples of how to randomize training:

  • Randomize the location of the pitches – Move the pitches all over the strike zone, and even out of the zone. Avoid repetitively working on hitting a pitch in the same location.
  • Randomize the pitch speeds – Regularly mix up the speeds of the pitches you hit in practice. Can be done on front toss, live batting practice and even with some pitching machines.
  • Random pitch type – When possible, mix in curveballs, change ups and any other type of pitch your batting practice thrower or machine can throw.


Mixed Speeds Front Toss – You can instantly turn simple front toss into a powerful timing and adjustability drill by varying the speeds that the ball is tossed. In fact, you should probably be doing this almost every time you practice hitting, and in coordination with other front toss drills. Unless you are trying to focus on correcting a specific issue in your swing, the speed of front toss CAN and SHOULD be randomized whenever possible.