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Positive Move

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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Vocabulary Term: Positive Move

This is the hitter’s first move toward the ball. You will see their hips move toward the pitcher at least a small amount during this move. Most often, the positive move includes a stride or step. Hitters who do not stride will shift their weight toward the pitcher in their positive move, and if they lifted their front heel on the negative move, it will come down to the ground. This move should begin around the time the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand.

Since the pitch is in flight during the entirety of the positive move, most pitch timing is done during this move!  

Having the ability to “FLOAT” during the positive move is what allows our body to naturally adjust to the pitch’s speed before our stride foot gets all the way to the ground. FLOATING simply means having enough control during your positive move, that your body can slow itself down if it needs to adjust to a slower pitch.

Here are some positive move keys to being able to float and time the pitch…

  • Have to maintain the load in the back leg throughout the positive move.
  • Back heel has to stay connected to the ground until your front foot lands the stride.
  • Body control and balance is a must.
  • Moving slower during the positive move will give you more control and balance (we’ll cover this in our next lesson!)