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Leg Timing Adjustments

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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While the hands and arms help you make adjustments when you are fooled, your legs can also be a major factor. The legs can help buy your body extra time to allow the ball to travel when you are early or out in front of a pitch. This adjustment can be described as a sink into the legs during the swing.

You can see in the example below. The hitter is fooled and very early on the pitch. You can clearly see him sinking into his legs, and also extending his arms to adjust. Also notice his head does not drift forward toward his front foot, but instead stays centered between his feet.

Keys to using your legs to adjust when early:

  • Must load into the back side of your legs, meaning engage your glutes and hamstrings during your negative move.
  • Must stay engaged in your glutes and hamstrings throughout your positive move, to your launch position and until you launch your swing.
  • Have to land your stride with a soft or slightly bent front knee to allow some flexibility/sink.
  • Must fight to keep your head from drifting forward. Body will naturally sink to accomplish this.