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How to improve your pitch tracking skills

Jeff Higgens November 25, 2020
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Minimize head movement – Throughout the entire swing, from your negative move or load, all the way through the finish, the less you allow your head to move the better you will be able to track the ball. Some head movement down or forward is ok during the forward move or stride, but once the turn/rotation begins in the swing, your head should have almost ZERO movement.  

Chin from front to back shoulder – One simple way to check that your head is tracking properly is to follow your chin during the swing. It should start in the area over your front shoulder, then at contact and through your follow through it should be in the area over your back shoulder.

Use Hitting Made Simple drills – We have several pitch tracking drills to help you improve that skill. Here are a few of our favorites.

Off the Hip Tracking Drill
Hit/Take Drill
Colored Ball Drill