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Hand & Arm Timing Adjustments

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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Being last in the sequence of events in a hitter’s swing, the arms and hands are the parts of the body that are most responsible for making adjustments to the pitch very late in the swing.

Late & Early Tee Drills are the best way to isolate, feel, and work on the adjustments that your hands and arms have to make when you’re late or early.

Late timing adjustment – A common hitting cue for this adjustment is, “Pull your hands in.” Like many cues, this may be based on what a hitter feels more than what is actually happening. However it can still be a useful cue for some. What is really happening, is that the hitter is holding their upper body tension later in the sequence of the swing. In other words, they are not letting their arms and bat release into extension at the normal point in their swing, but instead holding it closer to the body longer.  This allows the barrel to turn with the body, helping the hitter get the sweet spot of the bat to the ball when it has traveled deeper in the hitting zone.

Early timing adjustment – Hands and arms will need to be allowed to extend out further in front to get the barrel on the ball. Sometimes this may feel like you are “throwing your hands at the ball.” This is simply your upper body releasing that tension we mentioned earlier to allow the arms and bat to get more extension to the ball. This move works in coordination with the rest of the body. For this to be able to happen, the hitter’s body has to fight against drifting forward or lunging out to get to the ball. Their legs will help them do that!