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Feel Your Rhythm, Don’t Think About It!

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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Thinking mechanical about timing in the game is a recipe for disaster. Your pre-swing movements should be automatic, like a reflex. It should be your body’s instinctual reaction to what your eyes see as the pitch is delivered. The RHYTHM of your pre-swing movements should be a FEELING, not a thought.

Keys to having good rhythm…

Must be fluid – Your pre-swing lower body movements should flow with continuous and smooth motion. Any choppiness, or starts and stops, will make timing very difficult. They should flow together from negative move, to positive move, into land and weight transfer.

Must be adjustable – Almost no pitch is the same as another. Your lower body movements should be able to adjust to the pitch.

Must be automatic – Only intentionally practice your rhythm outside of an actual game. When you are in the batter’s box in a live at-bat, trust your instincts to move how you need to move to be on time with the pitch. Don’t focus on how you are moving, just focus on the ball and being on time.

Must rely on eyes – Once the feel of your rhythm is fluid and automatic, all you have to do is focus intently on seeing the pitch, and hitting it at your desired contact point. Your eyes will guide your lower body to make any necessary timing adjustments automatically.

Three Time Rhythm Drill 

This is a great drill for working on creating those fluid, continuous movements in the rhythm. Don’t rush, be smooth, and feel the rhythm at work!