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Easily Adjusting Your Start Time

admin April 23, 2021
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Even if you have good rhythm and an aggressive mindset at your perfect level of intent, there are still going to be times that your start time is a little off.

If you’re getting started too late or too early during a game, the best way to make a quick adjustment is with YOUR EYES. You do this by adjusting where you are looking to make contact. This keeps your tempo and rhythm natural and fluid, and allows you to adjust your timing without thinking about your body movements. Your mind can then keep its complete focus on the pitch.

More on Adjusting Where You Are Looking for Contact

  • Some hitters may need to feel like they hit the ball out front more than others. 
  • Hitting cues like “hit it out front” or the direct opposite, “see the ball deep” can be both be useful at different times for different hitters. 
  • It’s up to the individual to learn what works best for them. This can also change based on the type of pitcher, type of pitch you’re looking for, and how you’re feeling on that particular day. 

General Rules of Thumb for Extreme Velocity Pitchers

Slow Velocity Pitchers You may need to think about hitting the ball deeper in the zone. In fact, you may need to tell yourself you are trying to drive the ball toward the opposite field. This is not saying that you are not allowed to pull the ball against a slow pitcher, it is just a thought that may help you track the ball, and stay on it long enough to let it travel to your ideal point of contact. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to “do too much.” If you go to the plate thinking about pulling a homerun against this type of pitcher, you’re destined to be out in front. Think LINE DRIVE BASE HIT, not HOMERUN! You’ll probably hit more homeruns “on accident” when you think this way, than you would if you were trying to hit them!

Fast Velocity Pitchers You may need to think about making contact out in front more so than you do against a pitcher with average velocity. Just because you’re thinking out front more, does not mean you should be trying to pull everything. That can lead to pulling off, which will cause your bat to drag and be slower to the ball. Instead, keep your thoughts on hitting the ball out front and driving it toward middle of the field. Thinking about being short and simple with out movements can also help. We want to keep our natural rhythm, not try to speed it up because of the faster pitching. Finally, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of trying to get to faster pitching by swinging HARDER! It usually ends up making a hitter slower to the ball. Think QUICK, not HARD!