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Adjustability Course Intro

Hitting Made Simple November 19, 2020

What is Adjustability?

Adjustability is a hitter’s ability to make adjustments very late in their swing, allowing them to get the barrel of their bat on tough pitches.

Increasing your adjustability will help you….

  • Swing and miss less often.
  • Make more contact on the sweet spot of the bat.
  • Increase your chances for success when you are early, late or even completely fooled on a pitch.
  • Improve your results in two strike counts.
  • Strike out less.
  • Improve the productiveness of your at bats.
  • Make you a “tough out”!

The 5 Keys to Becoming More Adjustable

  1. Getting into a consistently good position to hit (launch position).
  2. Keeping hands back/up and using them effectively in your swing.
  3. Improving your pitch tracking skills.
  4. Having an adjustable mindset when you are in the batter’s box.
  5. Training for adjustability by making practice harder.