Timing Course (Preview)

“Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.”
-Warren Spahn

Timing is undoubtedly the most difficult element of hitting. You can have a great swing and a great approach and still struggle to be consistently on time. Take, for example, MLB Spring Training. Pitchers often have a huge advantage over the hitters those first few weeks. Why? Because even for the best hitters in the world, getting timing dialed in takes time and at-bats.

In the Hitting Made Simple Timing Course, we’ll show you the basic nuts and bolts of timing the pitch, how your body makes adjustments for better timing, and how you can train to be on time more consistently. 

Improving your timing at the plate will help you…

  • Get the bat head out front and drive the ball more often.
  • Swing and miss less frequently.
  • Strike out less frequently.
  • Barrel up more pitches.
  • Be an all around better hitter!
Timing Course

Course Includes

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