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Syncing Up with the Pitcher

Jeff Higgens December 9, 2020
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How your movements should sync up with the pitcher’s…

  • Pitcher’s glove and throwing hands break apart –  your negative move, also known as the “gather” or “lower body load” should begin around this time.
  • Ball is released from the pitcher’s hand – your positive move, also known as the stride or forward move should begin around this time.
  • The ball is roughly 10-15 feet out in front of home plate–  your stride foot should land softly, and your swing should begin to lauch. This should be a smooth transition from landing into your weight transfering and the beginning of the turn/rotation of your hips.

When & How to Get In Sync

Depending on how hard the pitcher throws and how your swing works, these times may vary slightly. The slower the pitcher, the later you will need to start, the faster the pitcher, the earlier you will need to start. The bigger your negative or positive moves are, the earlier you will need to start. If you have a very small negative move and a small stride, you will probably need to start a little later than most.

Before going to the plate, you should match your movements with the current pitcher. You can do this on deck with full practice swings. But really it should begin before that. As soon as the pitcher begins warming up, you can be syncing up with them in the dugout. You don’t need to take a full swing. Just simply make your lower body movements while watching the pitcher’s delivery, and figure out when you need to start to be fluid and natural.